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Whitewater Township, Ohio, United States
My wife Julie and I purchased our property in June 2007. Our home sits on seven acres of hillside overlooking the Whitewater River valley in western Hamilton County, Ohio roughly 20 miles west of Cincinnati. The property is well wooded and boasts a pond of about 1/5th acre. Our professional careers dictate we live in Hamilton County, which makes a country setting a bit difficult to find in a county of almost 1 million people. We share the property with our son Casey (3 1/2), and a herd of domesticated animals including 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 parrots, and 4 Blue Swedish ducks, 10 Buff Orpington chickens, not to mention my oldest hobby aquarium fish.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter and Sourdough Bread

I've come to the conclusion that I hate winter. I can't find one positive quality. To be honest I enjoy one good snow a year at that's it, I'm ready for Spring. In my opinion a good snow qualifies as 2" or more. What's to like. Nothing grows. The fish don't bite very well. The only thing to look forward to is Christmas, but that's mostly headache anyway.

That being said, I do find more time to sit in the house around the fireplace, and I definately read more. I also found a good sourdough bread recipe that actually worked out well. That was this week's accomplishment, three loaves of bread. That's it. I've been sick and am suffering from a bit of cabin fever I suppose.

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