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Whitewater Township, Ohio, United States
My wife Julie and I purchased our property in June 2007. Our home sits on seven acres of hillside overlooking the Whitewater River valley in western Hamilton County, Ohio roughly 20 miles west of Cincinnati. The property is well wooded and boasts a pond of about 1/5th acre. Our professional careers dictate we live in Hamilton County, which makes a country setting a bit difficult to find in a county of almost 1 million people. We share the property with our son Casey (3 1/2), and a herd of domesticated animals including 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 parrots, and 4 Blue Swedish ducks, 10 Buff Orpington chickens, not to mention my oldest hobby aquarium fish.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chickens are here

I finally picked up my first chickens on Wednesday February 11. After much consideration I settled on 10 Buff Orpingtons, 9 pullets and 1 cockerel. I've always thought they were beautiful birds, and it seems they do well in my climate, not to mention they are supposed to be friendly and social. They also lay a respectable number of medium to large brown eggs.

Currently they are housed in my office in a 50 gallon stock tank awaiting the day they can occupy their brand new chicken coop. They are growing very quickly and have more than doubled in size in just 2 weeks. Their wing and tail feathers have started developing giving them a gangly appearance, somewhat uncoordinated. I'm most amazed by the size of their feet - roughly the size of a quarter.

This far it's a pretty educational and exciting process.

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